I've always been a horse nut.  My father put me up on a horse when I was about two and I have loved them ever since.  I will go out of my way to spend time with a horse. My parents used to cringe when I would see a horse and start yelling for them to stop the car.  Back in the day, there used to be pony rides on a lot of the corners in the city I grew up in and they would have to learn different routes to wherever they were going so I wouldn't see one of the pony rides and start screaming for them to stop so I could ride the ponies.

I rode a lot when I was younger and I admit to being a bit reckless. (riding backwards or sideways at a full gallop and giving the person riding behind us or next to us the raspberries )  Of course, we all just thought it was fun. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my own horse when I was younger.  Just as I was about to get one when I was about 22, circumstances prevented it and I had to do the more adult buy a house. 

In early 2008 I found a nice local Christian woman who was having trouble finding time for her horses.  She's very busy but didn't want to give them up, so she advertised for someone who loved horses to come out spend time with them and ride them.  Guess who volunteered?  *waves hand*

In December 2008, I finally purchased my own horse,  a 2003 registered (APHA) Tobiano Paint gelding named Toby.  

In June 2010, I purchased a new horse, a 1994 registered (AQHA) sorrel Quarter Horse mare named Autumn.


Pedigree of Skip Autumn Summer (Autumn)
Skips MI Pride

Skip Pine Skip

Skipper's Lad Skipper W 
Miss Helen

Wisepine's Cissy

Wise Pine 
Jane Bert
Hi Dignity Leo Gypson Leopie
Gyp's Dollar

Chango Bell

Angelo Sally
Autumn Sunup Star Eyed Jack Two Eyed Jack Two D Two
Triangle Tookie
Hilda Pat Star Pat Star Jr
Hilda Beauty
Poco Sunup Poco Young Poco Speedy
Prissy Turner
Toad's Girl  Toad
Warbonnet Sue
DOB: 3/9/94 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Autumn's Full Pedigree


My previous horse Toby
Pedigree of Skippn Thru The Spots (Toby)
Hurry Scurry
chestnut tobiano

Helter Skelter
bay tobiano

Lucky Straw
sorrel tobiano
Lucky Pierre
chestnut QH
sorrel tobiano

Poco Do Go
sorrel QH

Poco Coop
bay QH
Miss Kelly 12
roan QH
Jetta Bar
chestnut tobiano
Cee Bars Sunday
sorrel tobiano
Sunday Butcher
sorrel tobiano
Gold Step
chestnut QH

Barbie Jet
sorrel tobiano

Desert Dandy
sorrel tobiano
Winns Wimpy
chestnut QH
CC No Spots
sorrel solid
CC Bandit
black tobiano
Cripple Chick
dun tobiano
Chicka Mount
bay tobiano
Bright Quiz
dun QH
EZM Moons Image
sorrel solid
Buddy Pinta
sorrel tobiano
Leo Moon Lady
chestnut QH
Lot O Bluff
sorrel tobiano
sorrel overo
Mr Winters Image
sorrel overo
Lilly Bars
sorrel QH
Lady Bluff
sorrel tobiano
Painted Bluff
sorrel tobiano
My Own Japhetha
DOB: 5/25/03 Sorrel/White Paint Gelding
Toby's Full Pedigree





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