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Our dogs are 100% dilute free so they will never produce

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Current Puppy Status:

We do not have puppies available at this time.


Please read the information below to learn how to be considered for a Kelrobin puppy.

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Please thoroughly read the information below before contacting us about our puppies. It should answer most if not all of your questions regarding our puppies/breeding practices.


Puppy Information
(please read carefully before contacting us):

Are you SURE a Lab is right for you? Please read the following BEFORE going any further. Lab FAQ & Is the Labrador Retriever the right breed for you?

Labs shed!!  Are you ready for this?


First and foremost we only breed a litter with the intention of keeping a puppy. 

We breed Labrador Retrievers for genetic soundness, temperament, Labrador conformation, and retrieving ability. We pay careful attention to temperament in selecting dogs for our breeding program. We strive to produce quality dogs with excellent temperament, soundness, intelligence/trainability and type.

We do not breed often. We are a HOBBY, not a business.  We are extremely particular about who adopts our Kelrobin babies and therefore rarely sell out of the Michigan area so we can assure our puppies of the proper home.


All breeding stock has final hip/elbow ratings.

All breeding stock has a Cardiac Clearance.

All breeding stock is cleared of genetic eye anomalies annually using a ACVO eye exam.

We breed our own bitches only to stud dogs meeting the above criteria.

Puppies are sold only to pre-qualified (screened) purchasers by referral or application only. Under absolutely NO circumstances will a puppy or adult be sold or consigned to pet shops, other commercial dealers or offered at auction.  We do NOT do "gifts". We must meet all those who will be involved in owning one of our dogs.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to any individual(s) for any reason we see fit.

All puppy buyers are required to fill out a QUESTIONNAIRE. We will put up the questionnaire when litters are confirmed by ultrasound. Serious inquiries only for the current litter.  We do not keep questionnaires for future litters. Filling out a questionnaire does not guarantee that you will be considered for a puppy.

General health is guaranteed. Other guarantees & stipulations are stated in our Puppy Contract.

Kelrobin puppies are born and raised inside our home. They are provided a safe and clean environment where they are watched carefully and receive lots of human as well as other dog contact.

Puppies are wormed several times as needed and are vaccinated before they leave for their new homes. We do not remove dewclaws. This is one of the reasons why. They are needed.

Puppy's temperaments are evaluated and matched with purchasers whose lifestyles and desires are compatible with the evaulation results. We will pick the best puppy for you. 

Since we normally do not choose our own puppy before 6-7 weeks, we will not know which puppy is yours until after that. Please do not ask before that which puppy might be available. If you do, I may decide that you are unable to follow directions when it comes to the puppy and may not consider you.

Pet puppies are sold on Limited Registration (which means the puppy cannot be bred or shown in conformation but may be shown in obedience, agility, hunt tests or any type of performance events) and spay/neuter contracts -- without exception. We require that female puppies go through one season before being spayed and not being spayed before 18 months of age. Our males cannot be neutered before 18 months of age. If you do not agree to this requirement, please do not inquire after one of our puppies.

We require that our puppies are fed ProPlan Sport 30/20 chicken and rice - All Life Stages. The dog can stay on this their entire lives. Once the puppy is full grown (over 2 years), the owner may change brand, but we prefer the ProPlan line of foods and feed our dogs this throughout their lives.

We require that all puppies/dogs sold by us will be indoor dogs, part of their new family. We do not allow our dogs to be left ourside in kennels.

We do not have a waiting list, so please do not ask to be on it. We ask that you either keep checking this page or our Facebook page where we will make the announcement of expecting puppies and open up the questionnaire.

Deposits are taken only after the puppies are born. For this reason, deposits are non-refundable unless we don't have the color/gender you desire or the puppy is not available for delivery at 7-8 weeks of age.

All puppies are sent home with microchips inserted, plus handouts which includes articles on training, health & safety.

We will always stand by our policy that any dog of our breeding will always be welcome here. If, for any reason, you decide not to keep a Kelrobin dog, please contact us and we will keep the dog until it can be placed in a new home, however long that may be. We NEVER want to see a dog of our breeding end up in a shelter.